Benefits of a Credit Card

Benefits of a Credit Card

It is obvious that banks are people friendly. They go to the extent of offering an assortment of credit cards so as to help people when untoward situations or emergencies occur. They give you the freedom to select the credit card of your choice according to your needs and lifestyle. In addition, they have customer friendly personnel who are always ready to assist you. These cards have reward points, cash-back schemes, and they are offered at any time of the year.


There is no doubt that selecting a suitable card is quite challenging, but this doesn’t mean that it is impossible. For example, if your work involves traveling, then a credit card that offers discounts on flight tickets and hotel bookings will best fit you. You will also have the benefit of using this card to pay for services and goods when in a foreign nation instead of using cash. If you are a shopping addict, a card that offers discounts on electronics and popular labels will work to your advantage.

When a surprise emergency occurs, you can definitely make the payment. It is mandatory to repay but the good thing is that you have room to make payments scheduled according to your convenience. When you regularly pay your dues, then you automatically get to have a good credit score. This is a track record that can help you secure a loan in future.

Don’t be worried about experiencing long queues found in banking halls. Applying for a credit card has been made as convenient as to the comfort of your own house or even office. All that is required is to follow some simple guidelines that are found online.


It’s no easy handling expenses, but what proves to be worse is paying bills. But so long as you have a credit card and have the technical know how to deal with gadgets then you have the world at your fingertips. You need not move from the comfort of your house to pay bills.

You can live a hassle-free life by making use of the bank’s mobile payment option. Make sure to upload the right information, bill, and to perform the correct clicks.


With the age of technology comes cybercriminals. These people utilize the smallest of chances to swindle your money. But this should not worry you as all credit cards are carefully secured. They are protected by use of a PIN as well as being fitted an EMV chip. The chip curbs possibilities of fraudulent transactions or skimming.

At a nominal fee, you can use the card to gain access to airport lounges, shopping online, book tickets, etc. All credit cards will immediately send you an SMS to the mobile number you registered with when a transaction takes place. Cash withdrawal can also be done from any of the ATMs worldwide. But you should remember to inform your bank when leaving for a foreign nation. There are also applicable fees when using foreign ATMs.

Paying using a credit card gets better when the following comes in:

  • When you use your credit card for bookings you can get discounts on outside dining and movie tickets.
  • Depending on which card you have, fuel surcharge refunds are normally made.
  • Fees for joining can be waived if you make a purchase adding to a certain amount or above
  • Family Members can become add-on members without paying any fees.


You should be 18 years or above.

Depending on the credit card requirements, there is a minimum amount that you should maintain.

If it is your first time to apply for a credit card, you will need to provide your address and proof of income. If you already have an account, your KYC data will be counter checked.